The Fontevraud International charter was drawn up on the initiative of the Interprofession InterLoire and the “Val de Loire Mission” following UNESCO’s listing of the Val de Loire region as a world heritage site in 2000 and the Fontevraud International Symposium “landscapes of vineyards and wines”, which was held in July 2003.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, The Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development, INAO (National Institute of Origin and Quality), the Val de Loire wine confederation, the Val de Loire mission and the International Organisation of Vine and Wine contributed to drawing up the Charter, with the support of the French Commission for UNESCO and ICOMOS (International Council for Monuments and Sites – UNESCO), which are signatories.

To develop and lead the Fontevraud International Charter, the founders mandated the Groupe National Paysage with coordination handled by the IFV (Institut Français de la Vigne et du Vin).

Contacts: Coordination of the Fontevraud International Charter International Scientific and Technical Committee
Coordinator: Joël ROCHARD,
Team leader: Carine HERBIN,

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The coordination unit handles the operational management and follow-up of candidacy and membership, as well as the organisation and promotion of the international network of members.

Proceedings of the Fontevraud 2003 Symposium

The charter addresses all wine-growing territories that have adopted rules of production integrating governance of terroirs.

Its aim is to encourage all the players in wine-growing territories, local authorities, wine-growing syndicates, culture and tourism operators, universities and laboratories to commit to voluntary and concerted landscape approaches that bring together, based on sustainable development reasoning, the optimisation of wine production and the cultural and tourism enhancement of these landscapes, in the framework of an international network of excellence.

It is organised around 4 commitments:

of wine-growing landscapes in their aesthetic, cultural, historical and scientific dimensions, opening up to an informed manner of reading the organisation of landscape and its terroirs, in order to better motivate development decisions, whether these decisions are by local authorities or professionals.

amongst the different professions and institutional partners in the wine-growing activity of the territories concerned, in order to reinforce the capitalisation of know-how and its transmission in the framework of awareness raising and training actions in the landscape element.

of wine-growing areas and their heritage for better consideration of the quality of vineyard landscapes in development and installation projects in urban, peri-urban and rural territories (incentive measures for landscape enhancement and heritage rehabilitation, regulatory landscape protection).

The promotion of these landscapes:
by optimising the intrinsic qualities of the landscape (relevance of vine raising systems, systemised landscape diagnosis)
by encouraging shared technical and scientific co-operation
by developing an offer of incoming tourism and discovery services (landscape comprehension and promotion circuits involving the wine-growers and local authorities).

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