The landscape is our own regard brought to a framed setting, fixed, near or far, in movement, seen from the earth, under the earth or from the sky.

It is a source of questioning regarding the elements of which it is composed:
Relief and form
Water, earth, fire, air
Colour and light
Living things: animals, plants, people
Sounds: song, cries, noise
Odours, scents

A landscape may be perceived according to its principles of construction:
Limits between the different elements
Orientations, lines, directions
Landscape scale: the reference points and landmarks

Two major types of landscape can be distinguished: open landscapes and enclosed landscapes. The enclosing factors can be forest massifs, valleys and anticline valleys. Flat surfaces, without elevation, open up the landscape.

We look at it at a given moment, but the landscape is changing, depending on the sunlight, clouds, day, night, the season and climatic events: rain, fog, mist, etc.

Patrimonio, France
Vineyard in fog
Cabin amongst the vines, France