Vineyard cabins

Scale models of the local architecture, these cabins were installed in the middle of the vineyard, at the edge, or in the corners of dry-stone walls. Probably the heirs to a tradition dating back to the huts of the Gauls, they provided shelter for the wine-growers in intemperate weather (cold, rain, storm, wind) and were sometimes used to store a few tools. The design was fairly rudimentary and favoured local materials, particularly dry-stone construction when the geology supplied frost-resistant blocks. Their name, which harps back to the traditional local “parlers”, varies from region to region: cadoles in the Mâconnais and in Champagne, cabottes in the Côte bourguignonne, cabornes or cadornes in Beaujolais and the Lyonnais, bories in Provence, capitelles in Languedoc.

Cadole, Burgundy, France