The art of wine-growing

Protecting the vineyards

Les maladies fongiques (mildiou, oïdium, pourriture prise) et les insectes font partie des soucis quotidiens des vignerons.
Fungal diseases (blight, powdered mildew, vine rot) and insects feature among the everyday concerns of wine-growers.
In the spring-time landscape, it is not uncommon to find diffusers attached to the vineyard wires. This is an alternative to the use of insecticides, which uses the method of sexual confusion.
Young vine plants are generally protected from rabbits, deer or wild boar by plastic supports. At grape harvest time, repulsive blank shots or systems reflecting sunlight are more or less reliable means of warding off hungry birds.
Sometimes it is necessary to use netting to protect the vines from hail or avoid a bird invasion.
The vines are sensitive to the extreme cold of winter.
Cold and damp zones, the most susceptible to destructive spring frosts, are protected by different methods: space heaters, aspersion, and fans.

Protection against birds
Protection against rabbits
Space heaters, protection against frost