Wine-producing organisations

The involvement of professional wine-producing organisations contributes to encourage collective initiatives. For example, a global approach on the scale of an appellation area, associated with the study of experimental sites, makes it possible to define the key processes of a landscape charter. Thus, the knowledge of wine-growing terroirs, beyond their specific oenological features, should gradually include the landscape components of a territory. In an increasingly individualistic context, these identity and heritage supports are often vital links in structuring the organisation of the market and the promotion of wines from an appellation.
On the initiative of the Syndicat des Côtes du Ventoux, a global approach was undertaken on the scale of the appellation. Alongside the knowledge of the wine-growing aptitudes of the teroirs, the study aims for an in-depth characterisation of the landscapes. The awareness of the wine-growers has been raised by “landscape workshops”, which bring together the territory’s players ain order to collect their points of view and raise their awareness of this topic.

This landscape dynamic pivots around the roads and trails, means of discovery adapted to the topical curiosities (vineyards, nature, geology) and the means of locomotion (car, mountain bike).

Mont Ventoux