Candidacy status

Applications to join the Fontevraud Charter should be brought collectively by:
the professional wine-growing organisation(s) representing the terroir (or the group of terroirs of a territory),
the territorial authority or authorities concerned by this terroir,
the representatives of the regions and the state in charge of the agricultural and landscape management of these spaces.

Co-signing by the representatives of research and training organisations, as well as the tourism operators and cultural managers concerned by these terroirs is a very desirable feature.

Application files

The principal users of the notice are:
The wine-growing territories
The territorial authorities
Wine-growing organisations
Tourist activity structures
Training research institutes

The application should be made by a partnership bringing together the professional wine-growing organisation representing the territory and the territorial authority or authorities concerned, in relation with the competent public authority.

The involvement of representatives of research and teaching organisations, as well as tourism, culture and environmental promotion organisations is also strongly desired.

The request for registration is the precondition for setting off the membership application process.

Candidates should demonstrate their intention to join the Fontevraud International Charter to the CSTI, which will forward any necessary information.

The CSTI can supply assistance in preparing the application file.

It can put applicants in contact with territories that have been successful with their own applications.

The application file should be duly filled in by the applicants on the basis of the points developed in the membership application notice. It should then be sent to the CSTI for examination.

The CSTI coordination appoints the reporter and the experts associated with the application. It will send the application file to the reporter and the experts. The reporter will make a field visit.

The group of assessors consists of a representative from the founder members of the Charter of December 12th 2003, namely: the Ministries in charge of the environment, ecology and landscapes, the National Institute of Origin and Quality, the International Vine and Wine Organisation, the Val de Loire wine confederation, the Interprofession of Val de Loire wines “Interloire”, the inter-regional mixed syndicate “Val de Loire Mission” (Centre and Pays de Loire regions), the French Commission for UNESCO and ICOMOS France (International Commission on Monuments and Sites).

The group of assessors also includes experts in landscape and wine-growing from professional organisations, territorial authorities, teaching and research structures, public organisations and associations, the ministries in charge of agricultural, and the environment, ecology and landscapes, design offices and experts mandated by international networks.