Membership of the Fontevraud International Charter gives access to the international network of excellence in wine-growing landscapes and enables use of a brand materialised by an emblem.

The network, coordinated by the CSTI, stimulates exchanges and organises national or international meetings on wine-growing landscape approaches to encourage initiative-taking not only by vineyard and wine professionals, as well as elected representatives, administrative officers and managers of wine-growing territories.

The network can propose exchanges of experiences and organise meetings with other wine-growing sites.

The network runs and promotes the Fontevraud International Charter at conferences and seeks new members to amplify and gain international validation for engaged vineyard approaches.

Membership enables use of the network’s emblem by the partners of the signatory territories.

Its use is encouraged to identify the network’s members and develop recognition of the charter.

The emblem can be used to enhance the products and services with which it is associated.

The regulations concerning use of the emblem will be available to download shortly.